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Template 5

Hi guys, and welcome to Elizabeth's Preset Challenge, It is my pleasure to host your next challenge and here are the instructions for this challenge. Should you have any questions please feel free to Email me.

All entries must be in by 5pm on Friday June 15th, 2001

First - Choose a template to the left, download it to your computer. This will be the template you will use for this challenge. (these are just samples of the template with one of my presets applied "Mardi Gras 1" to give you an idea of how a template will look once a preset is applied)

Second - Open the template into your graphic's program and start creating your preset. Only requirement is that you use your own bmp's (DO NOT use bmp's that are native in the BP/SBP program.)

Third - Once you are happy with your creation, save your preset and name it. example "lizs_presetname.q5q/q9q" (which ever applies)

Fourth - Apply your preset to the template, and then apply a drop shadow with the following settings (Color-Black, Opacity-50, Blur-5, Offset V-1 H-1) then merge/flatten and 'save as" a jpg. (make sure the background is white) Please name your jpg example "presetname.jpg"

Fifth - Now please zip your preset.q5q/q9q, preset.jpg and your two bmp's and name your zip file your name example "" and Email your entry to me. 

Only 1 entry per person please.

Once all the entries have been submitted I will post them on the Voting Page and you can start to vote for your favorites, I will send a message to the group to let you know when this is ready. Voting will start on Friday evening and end on Sunday at 6pm. I will tally the votes and you will be able to see your winners on Monday morning at 10am.

That's it, Happy Presetting! Don't forget you can always Email me if you have a question. 
Good luck to you all! And most of all.....